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Backed by Science


Introducing the Ritual Face and Body Oil. This product was originally created to soothe skin irritations like phytophotodermatitis (from cow parsnip/pushki) and atopic dermatitis as well as burns and scars. However, trials of this light and highly absorbent oil have shown that it’s most beneficial application is as a facial night serum. And it’s amazing! This luxurious embrocation is a well researched and perfected balance of the finest oils and botanicals as well as 100mg CBD per oz. Available in 1oz and .5oz.


Pain Relief

Pain Relief

Pain Relief

Pain Relief

Introducing the Alaskan Mountain

Mend Pain Stick by Kind Topicals from the mountain, for the mountains.  In its biodegradable, durable packaging, this stick utilizes nature’s most potent pain relievers. Meant for the outdoor enthusiast, where safety cannot be compromised by high powered meds, the Mountain Mend penetrates deeply as well as holds on the skin for lasting benefits. Ingredients include sustainably harvested Alaskan chaga and devils club root, organic arnica, and 200mg of full spectrum CBD.


About Us

I have fallen in love with this oil!!!

Just turned 64. My skin is showing it, crepe-ey and fragile. I live in a super dry climate. After my morning shower I massage it into my face, neck and décolleté, and it works its magic. It’s not oily and doesn’t clog pores. I don’t have to give my skin another thought after my morning treatment! I wish it came in 16-ounce bottles!!! Thank you so much 

-Gretchen S.

The Kind Topicals Mountain Mend stick has worked wonders on my shoulder and back. It’s by far the best product out on the market today. If you’re looking for a pain medication alternative, I highly recommend this product.

-Greg B

Our herbal skincare line has grown out of years of research, creating and testing recipes that will provide beautiful, natural and restorative body care. 


The purest, healthiest local plants, organically grown and wild craft herbs are sustainably hand gathered in wild Alaska forests with love and respect for this earth we call home. Small batch herbal blends are complemented by organically grown whole plant hemp CBD.  


Visit our retail location (by appointment only)

2601 W. Spenard Road Unit 2

Anchorage, Alaska 99503

(907) 278-1180

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