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Let me give you a little backstory. My skin is fair and extremely dry. I have occasional bouts of eczema patches on my face and I cannot use just any product. I must use high-quality products, even with ultra-hydrating products, during the day, my face will have dry areas with noticeable flaking patches. Recently, I have also been experiencing breakouts on my face around the chin area.


I was provided with a sample bottle of the Ritual Face oil and that evening decided to use it. I washed my face, and applied toner, then I used 5 drops on my entire face. It felt a little grainy, but I knew it wasn’t the oil. My face still felt wonderful. The next day, I used the oil again, however this time, my skin was smooth and felt even better. I've used Ritual Face Oil for more than 10 days now and the breakouts on my skin are disappearing and my skin does not feel dry and I am not experiencing visible dry patches during the day – everything that I would experience prior to using the Ritual Face Oil. I have noticed that my skin texture and tone have both improved. My face doesn’t feel irritated anymore and the breakouts are healing and almost gone with no new visible issues.


Thank you! Thank you for making a wonderful product that works for me!

-Kristin J


Being pregnant with dry skin, during Alaska’s winter, I could not find a safe product that helped. Then I tried this face oil and it changed everything. It’s the only product that worked and left my skin so soft without breakouts.

-Sylvia K


I have fallen in love with this oil!!! Just turned 64. My skin is showing it, crepe-ey and fragile. I live in a super dry climate. After my morning shower I massage it into my face, neck and décolleté, and it works its magic. It’s not oily and doesn’t clog pores. I don’t have to give my skin another thought after my morning treatment! I wish it came in 16-ounce bottles!!! Thank you so much 


-Gretchen S.

If you know the struggle of finding natural products that actually work, look no further! I am constantly using new products, because nothing I purchase makes such a significant difference to my skin that I want to buy it again. Until NOW! I went from using 4 different face products a day, to using just this one miracle oil. It has replaced my morning moisturizer, nighttime moisturizer, night creme and even my eye cream.

I have always been hesitant to use face oils, as I think many are. Will the oil clog my pores? Will my face look greasy when I wake up? After the very first application of Kind facial oil, I woke up the next morning and looked in the mirror to see the cleanest skin I have ever lived in. No oily pores, no flaky skin. You might not even want to wash your face the next morning because this oil makes the skin feel so natural. My skin is finally in tune with itself. Consider this magical oil your entire face care regime in one bottle.

-Ashley B.

I am loving the products coming out of KIND Topicals! I have been using the face oil and the Mountain Mend stick. First of all, I love the ingredients list on these products. You can pronounce them, they are organic, of very high quality and locally sourced as much as possible. I apply the face oil on a clean face at night. In the morning my face is so dewy and fresh looking, I don’t have to do anything with it before I apply my makeup.


The Mountain Mend pain stick is AMAZING! My husband even loves it. I liken it to taking an Advil without needing to take an Advil when I apply it to my aches and pains. Also, I highly recommend applying it to your area that is causing you pain and taking a hot yoga class. Very therapeutic. I definitely will be using these products in my future and recommend it all the time.


-Johanna P.

The Kind Topicals Mountain Mend stick has worked wonders on my shoulder and back. It’s by far the best product out on the market today. If you’re looking for a pain medication alternative, I highly recommend this product.

-Greg B.

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